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Monday, October 24, 2011

October Days

October is absolutely without question the best month of the year.  This is not my opinion.  This is Fact. 

The leaves, the cool crisp air, finally a reason to get out the cozy sweaters, ahem my birthday, fall decorations galore, pumpkin bread, applesauce, the list goes on.  I LOVE IT. 

Yesterday there was Gospel Meeting in town, about a mile and a quarter away, and the weather was so beautiful that we decided to walk.  Maxwell did great - he has never sat through two meetings in one day, so I was pretty happy.  He was quite fidgety, and then he got the loudest hiccups ever .. but really, I can't complain.  I have been blessed with a child who saves his high-pitched shrieking voice for home. There is a family with four kids under the age of 10, and they always make a beeline for Maxwell as soon as meeting is over.  I love this so much.  The girls do "coochie-coos" and make funny faces while the boys stand there grinning and occasionally mussing his hair.  Maxwell, of course, eats it up. 

This morning Trevor said he'd like me to make pork chops again sometime, so Maxwell and I headed off to Giant for a quick grocery trip.  Maxwell has graduated from riding in the cart in his portable carseat to sitting in the front of the cart like a big boy!  We got a great cart cover that I can attach toys to, and it even has a fabulous little zipper pocket for my wallet and other stuff.  I hate carrying a purse, so this is like a dream come true.  But oh. my. goodness.  I can hardly stand how cute he is sitting there like he's the king of the grocery store.  He stares at everything and everyone that passes him.  It would be less awkward if he would give the occasional smile, but today he was sleepy and just stared at people with his mouth hanging open and drool rolling out.  Awesome.  My kid is so polite.  Good thing he's an adorable little chunker so he can get away with it. 

In other news, Wii Fit and I are getting along famously.  I love it SO MUCH.  Why did I wait so long to buy it?  Oh yeah, I'm cheap.  Thank you Trevor for buying it for me anyways :-D  I do about 20 minutes every morning while Maxwell takes his early catnap.  It doesn't sound like very long, but I'm usually sweating up a storm by the time I'm done.  (This could also be caused by the fact that the boiler is in the basement ... bummer.)  Trevor and I usually play a little in the evening too; Maxwell loves to watch.  I'm sure he'll be winning all the games by the time he's walking.   

Thanks to Wii Fit in the morning, a long stroller walk (1.5-2.5 miles) later in the day, and a new no-junk-food-in-the-house rule, I've lost about 3 pounds.  It's about stinkin' time!  Maxwell is 6 months old and I'm still walking around looking 6 months pregnant.  The no-junk-food rule will most likely go by the wayside for Thanksgiving, but I'm okay with that.  Hopefully a month from now I'll have lost a few more pounds and won't have to feel so intensely guilty over a slice of pumpkin pie.  And apple pie.  And maybe chocolate pie too ....   O:-)

Life is grand, really.  That about sums it up. 

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