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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Rare Perfect Day

Maxwell played happily this morning while I vacuumed the downstairs and got the kitchen cleaned up.  Then as we were headed to the tot lot we ran into our neighbor and her granddaughter Camille and found out they were going to toddler time at the library.  From that point on, the only thing Maxwell would say was, "Mille! Mille!"  So we changed our plans and headed to the library.  Maxwell actually behaved himself and had a great time clapping and stomping his feet to the circle songs.  From there we headed to the tot lot to play with Camille and her cousin Lily some more.  Maxwell loves going to the park, but even more so when the girls are there too!

On top of a wonderful morning with a happy kid, the mail turned out to be filled to the brim with goodies:  my Munchkin Backseat Organizer from YaySave! (FREE by using gift cards from Swagbucks), the set of 5 board books that I ordered Maxwell for Christmas (only $2 through a Swagbucks deal), Maxwell's swim trunks covered in motorcycles for our hotel stay while we're visiting Mom next week, and a packet of Gerber coupons!  There was so much mail for us today, the mailman knocked until I came to the door because it wouldn't fit through the mail slot and he was nice enough to not just leave it lying on our porch. 

After collecting the mail, Maxwell asked for his pacifier and happily climbed up the stairs to find his blanket.  He went down for a rest without a peep, and now I'm sitting here enjoying a (momentarily) clean living room and a hot mug of cinnamon vanilla coffee (which I bought on sale and with a coupon, naturally). 

It's these rare perfect days that make all the crazy tantrum-filled ones worth it.  And the sun just came out and is shining through the beautifully colored leaves on our sidewalk maple.  What more could a mama ask for?

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  1. Sounds perfectly wonderful .. thank goodness for days like these. Can't wait to see you! xo