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Monday, September 8, 2014


I guess I last posted in December 2012.  Not much has happened since then, but here's a quick recap:  new car, new baby, new job, new house.  Looking back now I guess we've been a bit busy.

It's naptime for both kids now, i.e. the perfect opportunity for me to pick up toys and vacuum up crumbs so that Molly won't eat them as she crawls around, empty the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher with all the dishes piled on the counter, finally clean the bathrooms (we have TWO now!), finish taking care of the laundry, maybe dust the piano, and .. oh forget it.

I'm sitting on my ever-expanding bum browsing pinterest and sipping coffee (cup #3 for the day - I used to be a one cup a day kinda gal.  The first child added a cup and the second child added another cup).  And now, as you have undoubtedly figured out, I am blogging. 

I think I spend more time getting Molly to surrender to sleepiness than she actually spends sleeping.  So by the time she's asleep, chores are the last thing I feel like doing.  It's like a duel:  her eyes grow heavy as I rock her back and forth wildly -- point for me.  She flails to keep herself awake and socks me in the nose -- three points for her.  Bonus points if she gets hold of my hair and actually pulls some out.

Motherhood is amazing.

No, but really, it is.  Earlier today I spread an old comforter in the grass in our lovely backyard and let Molly crawl all over me while Maxwell ate lunch at his little picnic table.  Beautiful breeze, nice cloud cover so I didn't have to worry TOO much about the possibility of sunburn (although, if you haven't noticed, my children and I are pasty and can burn even by moonlight) ...  we watched the fleets of crickets bouncing around the yard and listened to Maxwell's moving rendition of "Let it Go" for the umpteenth time. 

It was really a great two and a half minutes.  Probably the best part of our day so far.  Until now:  nap time. 

And now here I sit, enjoying a moment of peace before a certain boy screams, "Mommy I have a booger on my finger and I need you to get it!" or a sweet baby girl starts crying because her tiny tummy never stays full long enough for a good nap. 

I guess that's where I'll end this.  I really need to get back to pinterest and finishing planning our new decor.  I may actually have to become a DIYer.  I know how to weed now, so anything is possible.  Stay tuned.

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