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Friday, December 12, 2014

A Holiday Party: Afterthoughts

We survived our first physics department holiday gathering with Trevor's new colleagues ..  I feel like that makes us official.  It was a pleasant enough evening, although we did have some hiccups. 

Upon arrival, I asked Maxwell to please let me know if he needed to use the potty.  Minutes later I heard Trevor make the same request.  And just a few minutes later, after he had run off to join the other hyenas- I mean children, the hostess was telling me that my son had had an accident.  Thank goodness for hardwood floors and understanding people who save their children's outgrown clothing and pull-ups.  He spent the rest of the evening in some very fancy looking girls' jeans rolled up several times, a Spiderman t-shirt a couple sizes too big, and a pull-up that quite possibly was a decade old.  Thankfully he is still young enough to not realize that what happened was something an older kid might be mortified over; instead after putting on his new outfit he just wanted to go show it off for everyone.  I love that kid. 

I was embarrassingly under-dressed.  I should have known better than to trust my husband who told me it was a "come-as-you-are party, I think."  If "I think" is in the sentence, then it's not based on anything except his own wild guess.   Next year I will be wearing my finest holiday sweater and fancy shoes.  The kids will be dressed as matching elves.

I love how politically correct people are when meeting me, a professor's wife with a baby on her hip.  "So what do you .. or .. do you .. um .. work outside the home?"  One woman assured me that I would be more than ready to go back to work when the kids were both in school.  "You won't know what to do with yourself!"  Hmm, I guess we'll see.  I sort of like the idea of being available for my children 24/7 .. just in case.  You know?  They get sick, and Trevor and I don't have to toss a coin to decide who has to miss work (not that a coin would be tossed .. but you know what I mean).  One of the kid's classes needs 500 cupcakes for a bake sale-- who has time for that?  The stay-at-home-mom whose kids are all in school, that's who.  I'd like to be that mom, is that such a bad goal?  Should I be setting my sights higher?  I don't think so.  But who knows how I'll feel in 3 years?  And who knows if our budget can continue to work on one income?  That's the real question.

So I certainly didn't meet any potential "mommy friends," but everyone was friendly and I didn't feel completely like a fish out of water.  I really don't like these social things, but I told Trevor it "wasn't terrible."  He beamed and said, "Well, that's a ringing endorsement coming from you!"


  1. Ashley, I adore you. This is so precious and I wish Gramma could read it. She would want to hug her porcelain doll. I will hug you for her and then again for me when you get here (with bells on)!

  2. Ashley, I to share your joy at being available to my daughter 24/7. I consider my job/role as mom to be the most important one I will ever have in my life. I am grateful that God and my husband have both made this possible for me. They are only under you care a short time before they go onto live their own lives. Huggers,