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Friday, May 29, 2015

i can't find my phone.

My phone has gone missing, probably lost beneath a couch cushion or pile of dirty clothes or hiding amongst the hundreds of board books regularly scattered across the living room.

The dishes are piled up in the sink, half-rinsed and simply needing to be thrown in the dishwasher, but that of course sits full of clean dishes waiting to be put away.  If I could just find my phone ...

My kids are digging madly into a bag of pretzel goldfish, even after several friends posted the warning article "5 foods to never feed your children at all costs unless you want them to develop serious behavior problems or worse be morbidly obese by age six" and number one on the list was goldfish.  Does it make a difference that they are not the orange kind?  Now they are fighting over the last bunch of grapes so I suppose they will live.

We have big plans for the day: baby time at the library at 11:00.  The elder doesn't care that it's baby time because all he wants to do is play the Dora game on the computer there.  I don't mind; it's a half hour where I know he's not on the verge of breaking a bone or a window or another plastic toy.

I had something else to share here but am now distracted by the crazy dancing happening before me.  I forget where I was going with this.  Or was I ever going anywhere? Just to the library I guess.

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