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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Love Visitors (HINTHINT)

Trevor's sister is in town this week, which has been awesome.  Everyone is at work except ME, so she is stuck hanging out with me and Maxwell every day and I love it!  The company has been great.  Of course, I haven't been accomplishing much around the house, but I've sort of been treating this week like a much needed vacation.

Tuesday was the first time she'd seen Max since early May .. yeah, he's grown a tad since then.  He's also a bit more interactive; he's been loving showing off for someone new.  Yesterday we took him walking around town and stopped in to visit Trevor at his fancy new office.  Then a stop at a coffee shop in town that turns out to have amazing iced coffee (uh oh, addiction waiting to happen!!).  Max fell asleep on the walk home, which of course made my day.

Today we took a drive into Target and wandered aimlessly for awhile.  I've decided that their baby clothes are over priced.  Actually I think baby clothes are overpriced as a general rule.  Why is that?  They are so TINY!  Neither of us really had any need to go shopping, but it was nice to get out of the house, and really nice to have someone to get out of the house with.  (Someone with whom to get out of the house?)   I know that the previous sentence is grammatically incorrect but am unsure how to fix it.  ELLIE ARE YOU READING PLEASE HELP LOLZ. K THX.

Now I'm putting my feet up for the briefest of moments (ahhh a breeze just tickled my toes) before heading to the kitchen to deal with the 3 pounds of chicken I bought.  I hate dealing with chicken, even though I love eating it.  So I thought buying in bulk would be a good idea, because (a) it's so much cheaper and I'm a skinflint and (b) I could wash it and trim it and freeze it all in neat little single meal bags and get the dirty work done all at once.  Except now I have 3 pounds of chicken in the refrigerator that I really do not want to deal with.  Sigh.  But it must be done, so my breeze-on-the-toes moment must come to a close.

It's been a good week, though!


  1. Love your posts sweet pea and I love you xo

    Either way is fine. In this case it is perfectly acceptable to end the sentence with a preposition. It actually sounds a little pedantic to say "someone with whom", like you're writing a contract or something.
    But anyway, it's your blog so you break all the grammar rules you want. Just keep writing and no one will judge you.
    Captain Grammar
    P.S. I love having visitors too. Tradesies? You come to Boston once and I'll come to PA. no problem.

  3. Thank you Ellie! I had to look up the word pedantic - oh the shame! You hit the nail on the head though, it DOES sound pedantic. Thank you for your reassurance and great wisdom. :-D

    And I'll totally pop in next time I'm in the Boston area, i.e. at my sister's. :o)

  4. Having those big trays of chicken in my fridge is like a black cloud hanging over my life. I do like it once they're all frozen or dealt with, though. Enjoy your breezy toes once you're done! :-)