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Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Cooking and My Birthday

Honey Mustard Pork Chops and Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

Trevor loved this meal.  I don't think these two things went together very well, but I wanted to try them both, and they were both delicious .. so why not?  I've never liked pork chops, but these were pretty fantastic.  And EASY.  The potatoes were a bit of work and took a long time to cook (obviously) but if I plan ahead it's not a big deal.  It just means I have to start thinking about dinner at 4pm instead of 5pm.

I also made applesauce muffins this week.  They're so-so, probably because they're healthy.  I'm realizing, however, that while I want to keep trying new recipes, I don't have much to say about it.  I follow the recipe, it tastes good, or it doesn't, and Trevor tells me whether or not I should ever cook it again.  The End.

In other news:  Today is my birthday!  Trevor got me Wii Fit, which I've been wanting for EONS.  I'm so excited!!  I got it all set up only to have the little Wii Fit narrator tell me that I'm obese and then my Mii character proceeded to grow very large hips.  Awesome.  I'm more embarrassed about the fact that my legs are sore from 20 minutes of trying it out.  Yikes, I'm out of shape.  That slalom slope is intense.

To celebrate my birthday (and the fact that according to Wii Fit I need to lose 72 pounds), we got take-out from Chili's and Trevor made Carrot Cupcakes.  I have THE best husband in the world.  YUM.

Maxwell gave me a pretty great present too:  two poops today instead of the usual one!  Good job, little buddy.  Good job. 


  1. I should send you the recipe we have for bran muffins...they're healthy, but I LOVE them, especially warm with a little butter. And the best part is, you can make a big batch of batter and leave it in the fridge and make 2 or 3 warm ones each morning...
    Happy Birthday!

  2. mmmmm, chili's.......and who doesn't need to loose 72 pounds, ugh.

  3. If you make those bran muffins, Ashley, then you can proceed to make some great presents like Maxwell!!! JK Really, that recipe is GREAT. I make it pretty often but then I'm a regular kind of girl. xo

  4. and her Mom sent her a basket of flowers ;)(can you take a pic please?) So glad your birthday was a happy one and I'm thinking 72 is about the number I need to lose too! I'll start with 10 though .. send me the recipe Jami/Bonnie! LOVE YOU! xoxoxo