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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures in Cooking: Week 1

I recently decided that it would be a good idea for me to try a new dinner recipe at least once a week; my repertoire consists of tacos, taco salad, chop suey (Chopped Suzy?), macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, any other variety of pasta, frozen fish fillets, hamburgers, scrambled or fried eggs, French toast, and frozen skillet meals.  Parents Magazine makes it sound really easy to cook something clever every night of the work week.  After reading this article, I told Trevor I was going to try an entire week of new dinners.  We both enjoyed a hearty laugh and agreed that one new meal a week would suffice for now.

This week:  Honey-Hoisin Chicken with Rice

I give it 5 stars for being really easy to prepare - especially if you make the sauce and cook the rice ahead of time (which I did during Maxwell's 30-Minute Power Nap).  The sauce is really delicious and different from anything else I ever cook, so it was a nice change.  They recommend serving it with a green salad with "carrot coins"  ...  whatever.  I left out the cash and used grape tomatoes and cucumbers instead.  I also didn't actually use chicken cutlets.  I just cut up chicken breasts into small-ish chunks and called it goodnuff.  Cutlets probably would've been better. 

Trevor gave the meal 4 stars.  I asked him what would earn 5 stars and he said Chicken Tetrazzini.  Well Trevor, Chicken Tetrazzini is a pain in the rear to prepare, so I'll just take my 4 stars thankyouverymuch. Maxwell was unable to partake of this meal, but I believe he fully enjoyed his Squash Puree.

So Week 1 of trying something new was pretty successful.  If anyone has suggestions for EASY and fairly healthy meals for me to try in the upcoming weeks, please let me know!


  1. http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/quick-pasta-carbonara-113735.aspx

    This is super quick. We have lots of pork sausage from Vaughan piggies, so I substitute 1/2 lb. of sausage for the bacon, and it is yummy. It is pasta based, though, don't know if you're trying to branch out from pasta! :-)

  2. That sounds gooooood! I'm totally putting it on my "to try" list.