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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still here...

Yes, it has been awhile. I can't claim that I've been insanely busy or anything, just enjoying my little boy and taking each day as it comes.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mom and Dad came down from Maine arriving late Tuesday and staying through Saturday. Maxwell got ridiculously spoiled having both sets of grandparents AND his Aunt Tegan around, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every single minute of it. Side note: thankfully I just reread that paragraph, because I had written "Maxwell got ridiculously soiled".... Hehe not quite the same thing!!

Now I'm counting down the days until we head to Maine for Christmas! There are so many people I would love to catch up with while we're there, but I also want to be able to just soak up every single amazing moment of Maxwell's first holiday season. I'm sure compromises will have to be made...

Meanwhile, having a very active and increasingly mobile eight month old has made me extremely thankful for online shopping. Without it, no one would be getting presents this year!!

And speaking of the very mobile Maxwell, he now has both bottom front teeth and is SO close to crawling. He's growing up so fast, and yes I know how cliche that sounds... But honestly where does the time go??? Before we know it I'll have teenagers running around. YIPES!

I'm typing this on my phone because my laptop is obnoxious, but I'm getting a little tired of one-finger typing so I'll let this be all for now. Here's a snap of Maxwell this morning. He's a happy boy and I'm one lucky Mama!


  1. hope to see you over Christmas!

  2. oh he is such a cutie and so are you! Now I have to go write something (cough)