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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trevor Gets Stuck On The Roof

At about 6 o'clock this evening, I noticed two girls peaking through our front door.  I answer the door, wondering if it's Girl Scout Cookie Season already.  "Um, hi, there's some guy on the roof and he said to tell his wife to come talk to him ..???"  I laughed and thanked them, and headed out front to see what Trevor needed.  Yes, I knew he was on the roof, so that part didn't surprise me.  I figured he wanted me to toss up a snack or something.  But, rather than continue writing my own blog post about today's adventure, I've copied and pasted Trevor's own words from Facebook.  Partly because I'm lazy, and partly because first-hand accounts are always best.

So, we want to watch TV in our bedroom, but we can't get any reception inside since our house in brick. Then I realize that there's a giant antenna on our roof! Awesome! I can just bring a cable up there and hook up to that (it's our landlord's, so we're not stealing it from anyone). Great, so now all I have to do is climb out of the attic window onto the roof, shimmy up the front, and down the back side to the chimney where the antenna is attached. Well the window is pretty tiny, so I almost didn't fit out in the first place. Plus, the front of the roof is really steep (about 60 degrees from horizontal). About 3/4 of the way up I thought, "I don't know if I'll be able to get back down from here." But I had come that far and wasn't going to give up before I saw what was what. The back of the roof is much less steep (about 30 degrees), so I had no problem back there. Except I got to the antenna and realized that it's at least ten years old and all the wires connecting it had been cut! As in, there was no way I could connect my coaxial cable. It was at this point when I climbed back to the peak and looked down the front of the roof that I realized this story only had one of two endings: either I'm going off the front into the maple tree (a la Chevy Chase or Tim Allen), or I'm waiting for the next person to wander by my house to ask them to tell Ashley that I was stuck. I chose the latter, and ended up climbing down the ladder provided by the fire company. Of course, all the neighbors saw the fire truck pull up and came out to see what was going on. Ashley went around assuring them that everything was fine, "My husband's just stuck on the roof." She got some good pictures, too, so you should all check them out.


  1. Rock Star moments! Usually firemen rescue cats... Way-tah-go on keeping things real and interesting with out booze or drugs ;) HA
    BTW your house is wicked cute and in a great setting for this to have max affect!

  2. I've been waiting for this ever since I saw your status last night. Ha, ha, ha! Great story for a Monday morning! :-)

  3. Hmmm... I wonder who that "visitor from Salt Lake City" is? Thanks for the story!