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Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit from Gramma

Mom is here (finally) and I am soaking up every second!  Yesterday we wandered around TJMaxx and Wal-Mart (oh yeah, we're classy), with Maxwell being a little angel in his stroller.  He took a couple catnaps, but mostly just gazed up in amazement at all the drool-worthy items we were debating buying.  I got a lovely canister for my coffee; I'm quite enamored with it.

Today is beautifully sunny and chilly - the perfect weather for strolling around town.  We'll probably walk over to the Dickinson campus, check out the shops on Pomfret street, and perhaps mosey by the library to drop off some books.

Tomorrow we are heading to Lancaster to the Whoopie Pie Festival.  Trevor has been talking about this since before we moved down here.  He's more than a little excited about the Whoopie Pie Eating Contest. He says if it's free to enter, "then even if you lose, you're a winner ... because you get free whoopie pies!"  I guess I can't argue with that logic.   We may have to get Maxwell's face painted while we're there, just because.

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  1. and Gramma had an absolutely perfect time, Thank you for spoiling me rotten! xoxoxo